Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pretty In Pink

Hi Guys!
So let me start off saying it’s been a while. Well longer then a while, it’s been six months and let me tell you this has been a crazy six months for me.  I have made some major changes in my life and I have even made my first real move. I recently moved three hours away from home and away from my family. No matter how crazy things have gotten, I can say it’s been for the better. I’m also am excited to start blogging regularly again! (:
My new Home

Pretty In Pink

v  I want to start back my blog with everything I feel is a must have for February and appropriate looks for the coming month. 
So I know January was so cold for most of the United States. Being mid-winter most make-up and style just in general has been deeper and darker colors. Honestly, I am more favorable to darker colors myself.  But February isn’t going to be dark at all. Fashion trends are starting to show us, February is going to be all about pinks and gold’s. Fashion is welcoming spring early this year, so that means you better bust out the bronzer and highlighters a little sooner than anticipated.
So this post I feel is so appropriate for the coming holiday..Valentine’s Day!!
·         My Frist review will be on the Urban Decay (Naked 3 Palatte)

So I have had the Naked 3 Palatte for about three days now and I can honestly say I love the pink pigments used in this palatte by Urban Decay. The Palatte is amazing and very well protected by a heavy and durable case. Urban Decay packages all their (Naked Palatte’s) in the durable and snap close cases.  This Palatte contains 12 different shades, which all the shades do contain pinkish pigments.  They are suitable for any color eye!

·         Personal Use of This Palatte:
I have used this palatte several times in the last couple days. I have been able to achieve many different day and night looks with Urban Decays (Naked 3 Palatte).  Some of the colors that I have really started to lean towards in my every day looks that are great for class/ work days have been..
  •       Limit- a light rose matte
  •       Nooner- a mild pinky-brownish matte
  •        Factory- a harsher pink-brown with a bit of shimmer

As where if I was going to turn my day makeup in to my evening and night look I would add (BLACKHEART) to the corner V’s of my eyes to create a Smokey and seductive look.
  •       Blackheart- a deep black with beautiful hot pink glitter

I Purchased my (Naked 3 Palette) at Sephora for ($52.00 US Dollars)

No look is complete without lips.

Lips are something that is often forgotten by women when doing daily makeup.  Ladies your lips are one of the first things men look at!
So what I did after using my Urban Decay (Naked 3 Palatte) on my eyes, I went for a nude/ pink lips to keep a calm and natural beauty to the look.
I used a Mac Lipstick and plumping gloss this really was a perfect match for the pretty pink look I was going for.
I purchased these products at Macy’s
ü  Mac Lipstick – Cremesheen Crème Cup ($15.00 US Dollars)
ü  Mac Plumping Gloss- Ample Pink ($20.00 US Dollars)

Ps. My reviews are based on my personal opinion and I do respect everyone else and their opinions and thoughts on the products posted on my blog. Please leave comments letting me know how you feel about the products and I will make sure to post a readers section. 

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